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10Oct23 Edition
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It's been a couple of months since the last newsletter - thanks to my long COVID brain fog which I am hopeful is starting to lift. So there is a little bit to update you on.

Thanks to those that completed the feedback on the newsletter. It is really helpful to understand whether this provides useful content or not, and based on what you said, it seems to be. I welcome feedback at any time to make sure this continues to meet your needs.

Our big news is that we launched a shop. When you can't work, you start to think about how efforts like this can be made more sustainable. The shop aims to provide products that serve as a win-win to both the purchaser, and our mission to support and advocate for the CCReW.

There are currently two categories of products. The CCReW Believers category provides options for the individuals and organisations that want to generically help us support the CCReW. The Origami 4 Clinical Trials category has the specific purpose of gifting thankyou's in the form of an Origami Sunflower to clinical trial participants. Our blog shares why we think Origami Sunflowers are a good fit for this purpose. If you or your organisation is looking for a mindfulness or team building activity with purpose, or you just want to say thankyou to a clinical trial participant, I do hope you will shop now.

And, as an added incentive to jump in and shop during October, we have launched our first (hopefully annual) October O4CT CCReW Support Campaign and Challenge. The individuals and organisations that purchase the most in each category will be named O4CT Champions and awarded a trophy for their efforts. Let's see who is the most committed to supporting CCReW this month!

On a separate note, we've been involved in a number of great events over the past couple of months, discussing diversity and patient partner experiences. If you missed the PxP conference, then I'd definitely check out the PxP Hub resources for their recordings. I'm looking forward to re-listening to the treasure trove of insights shared by patient partners during the session I moderated on Day 3, once released. And I suspect there might be more from this team to come. And if there are topics that you think require more attention, I know the organisers are already thinking about PxP 2024 and are open to ideas, speakers, etc.

Finally it is World Mental Health Day. It is so important that we acknowledge the fluctuations that can occur in our mental health, and be kind to ourselves and others that may be going through times in need of support. Taking care of our minds and feelings is just as important as our physical health, if we are to start to combat the rising rates of depression, anxiety and more we are seeing in people of all ages, all walks of life. There is no shame in asking for help, rather its a strength to reach out when you need it. If you need to talk to someone, a few helplines are listed here.

So in wrapping up, I hope the next newsletter will not be as far away. in the meantime, I'd love for you to check out and purchase something in our shop, help spread the word and be in the running for October Challenge Champions Awards, creating sustainable support for CCReW. Here's wishing you keep well and life is kind to you until we meet again.

                                                        Janelle, AccessCR and the CCReW initiative

This is a list of all studies on the ANZCTR approved by a human research ethics committee, that opened to Australian participants since 1 Sep, as at 10 Oct 23. As we are playing catchup, we've changed the listing format to focus on the target population and location. Please click the link for full trial details.

Cancer treatement/screening

Mental Health

Healthy Volunteers


Please contact researchers directly through the listings as we have no connection/involvement with these studies. If the trial is not running near you, ask the researchers if there are other options or travel support available. We'd love to know if you make enquiries and join one of these studies.

If you are a sponsor or researcher that wants to let people know about your newly opened study, please complete our request form or contact us (first listing of a study/event is free, repeat listings for a fee).

The follo
wing are some upcoming opportunities and events spotted that may be of interest:

  • One of our Research Gamechangers is looking for a QLD-based health consumer with an interest in digital health to join the Australasian Institute of Digital Health's 2024 Health Informatics Conference Committee! HIC will be in Brisvegas, 5-7 August 2024. If you are interested, either drop into the Facebook group for more information ASAP, or email us and we will connect you up.
  • For the first time, Australian women are invited to share their experiences in the health system to better inform policy development and improve health outcomes for women and girls. An Australia-wide community consultation project has begun to understand the personal experiences of bias in the health system. Anyone can take part, including patients, health providers, researchers and other stakeholders. The survey closes 13 Oct.
  • Rare Cancers Australia is hosting its annual CanForum 17 Oct. If you can't make it to Canberra, you can join online. This year's event is focussing on the Genomics Revolution.
  • A-CTEC are hosting an online Symposium 19Oct: “Diversity and Equity in Clinical Trials”. You need to register as an A-TEC member (free to all) to access further information and register to attend the free event. You’ll spot me moderating one of the sessions!
  • The Australasian Institute of Digital Health have opened a consumer partner scholarship covering full conference registration and $150 for incidentals to attend their AI+ Care conference in Melbourne 22-23Nov. Applications close 23 Oct.
  • 2023 WCG Online Patient Forum 26 Oct, 3-6am AEST. Listen to the voices of patients, their families, caregivers, patient advocates, and health care professionals, sharing their trial experiences and stories regarding a range of issues in clinical trials.
  • The South Australian government’s Department for Health and Wellbeing is leading the development of SA’s first whole-of-system Health and Medical Research Strategy. Feedback is now sought on a Green paper about the strategy. Responses close 27 Oct.
  • If you live rurally in WA, NT or Victoria you may be of service in promoting clinical trials as a member of this PARTNER Network Community Advisory Group [CAG.] Expressions of interest close at the end of October. More details:
  • The Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare's National Medicines Symposium 2023 will be held online 8 Nov. Register free online.
  • Mobilising research knowledge with members of the public: the challenges and opportunities. NIHR Webinar 9 Nov. Register online.
  • The National HREC Conference 2023 will be held online 29Nov-1Dec. Register free online.
  • We all know participation information sheets and consent forms for clinical trials need improving. Provide your feedback on the beta-testing versions of a new potential Australian template, developed through a CT:IQ project, available at Consultation is open until the end of the year.
  • CT:IQ is currently asking for feedback from researchers about how they communicate wtih their trial participants throughout the research, and feedback from consumers about their experiences of communication in trials. As we are part of this project, we really encourage you to participate so what matters to you as trial participants gets recorded.

Here's some other news and resources you might be interested in:

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