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AccessCR-CCReW News and Opportunities 11Oct2022
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Over this past weekend, I made some more updates to the CCReW website to outline the support AccessCR is currently offering for CCReW. This update enabled me to finally "launch" the CCReW Conference/Event Support Scholarship Program, with the announcement that the next round of scholarships is now open for applications. This round welcomes applications by 17 October, 6pm AEDT from consumers involved in research interested in attending the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) in Adelaide, 7-8 November.

When I announced the Scholarship round in the Research Gamechangers FB group, one of the members, Joanne, reminded me that she had attended the 2018 ACTA ASM on a free consumer registration pass. So I thought it might be timely to chat with her about that experience, and what attending the conference led to. Read all about that in the CCReW Blog.
It is amazing to see how much Joanne has got involved in just because of that conference opportunity. It's why I am passionate about facilitating consumer access to conferences for capacity building and why I am very grateful to the sponsors that have helped make this Scholarship program possible. We already have the next conference in mind too, which we'll announce a little later in the year. I hope you'll share this newsletter around and encourage people to apply for the Scholarship if appropriate.

Outside of the Scholarships, there are a few interesting activities and events happening, listed in the opportunities section below. I'll also be heading to the ACTA conference and would love to meet up at 4pm on the 7Nov in Adelaide with any CCReW that might want to say hello. Stay tuned for a location next newsletter or in the FB group.

Until next time, may the world be kind to you.
                    AccessCR and the CCReW initiative

This is a list of all studies on the ANZCTR approved by a human research ethics committee, recruiting in Australia, with a trial start date between 26Sep - 10Oct2022 not previously listed here, as at 10Oct2022.

We provide the above trial listings as a free service to help people know what studies have recently started that they or someone they know could have an interest in. Please contact researchers directly through the listings as we have no connection/involvement with these studies.

If you are a researcher that wants to let people know about your recruiting trial here, please contact us (first listing free, subsequent listings for a fee).

We love to hear your stories as trial participants, consumers involved in research or the carers and family that help support people do either. It helps us promote your good works, uncover areas for improvement, and inspire others as to what is possible.

This newsletter, we are showcasing Joanne's experiences attending the 2018 ACTA conference and the consumer work she has got involved in since as a result of that conference. This story and others can be found on our blog.

Feel free to email us, give us a call, or share your story in any other way you'd like to with us.

The following are some upcoming activities that may be of interest:
  • The next Research Gamechangers group members online meetup is on Mon 17Oct at 12.30pm. Details in the FB group.
  • CCReW Conference/Event Support Scholarship applications now open to consumers with an active interest in trials to attend the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance annual scientific meeting - Deadline 17 Oct 2022, 6pm AEDT. Learn more online about how to apply.
  • Health Translation SA are running a series of free webinars on consumer engagement Thursdays at lunchtime in October. Visit the website to view and register for the remaining sessions.
  • The Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology are holding a Patient Education and Information Forum as part of their Annual Scientific Meeting in Brisbane, on 16th October. It's free, and tickets are available here.
  • The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance is holding an online event called 'Exploring Technologies to Improve Recruitment Workshop' on Fri 21st Oct 2022, 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm AEDT. It's free, and consumers are welcome to attend. Register online.
  • Monash Partners and Sydney Health Partners will be hosting a free online webinar "Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) in clinical trials: exploring the nitty gritty of consumer advisory panels" on Tuesday 25 October, 11am to 12.30pm AEDT online. I happen to be one of the speakers. If you are interested in attending, please register online.
  • The next ARCS Australia Consumer Partnerships interest area meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 Oct, 12.30-1.30pm AEDT online. Ann Single and Dr Simon Fifer will be discussing the results of their recent research on how patient communities in Australia want to interact with biopharma. I'm just waiting on ARCS providing the registration details, so keep an eye on the ARCS and AccessCR social channels for details any day now.
  • Monash Partners is holding a free webinar 22 Nov 22, 10am where a panel of clinicians, researchers, health service leaders, researchers and consumer representatives will answer your questions on the successes and challenges of integrating community and consumer involvement into practice. Register online.
  • The 2-day live and virtual HEAL 2022 Conference is on 23-24 Nov. Its a forum for knowledge transfer, scientific debate, and community-wide conversations about research and policy priority setting on human health, climate and environmental change solutions in Australia. Abstracts due Sun 16 Oct.
  • Open consultation: WHO ICTRP guidance for reporting summary results in clinical trial registries. There is substantial variation in the elements of summary results collected by trial registries. To promote harmonisation, recommendations for the minimum elements of study results that should be reported in trial registries has been drafted. The purpose of this consultation is to solicit feedback from stakeholders - including researchers, patients, journal editors, funders, industry sponsors, and regulators - on key components of this draft guidance. The deadline for submitting feedback is 11 November 2022.

If you'd like to proactively advertise a consumer involvement opportunity or event, then please get in touch for more information.

Check out AccessCR's clinical trials jargon buster and other resource available on our website's Knowledge page if you are looking for information and support around clinical trials basics, getting involved and asking your doctor about trials.
Have you taken part in or cared for someone in a trial or are a consumer involved in research (ie are part of the CCReW)?
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