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AccessCR-CCReW News and Opportunities 14Mar2023
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Late last week, our latest 4 CCReW Scholarship recipients went off to the COSA Cancer Survivorship conference. By all accounts they were really energised by the conference, did some great networking and I look forward to hopefully being able to share their experiences with you shortly.

Also last week, I had great conversations with a couple of experienced consumer representatives that are starting to down tools after many years of contributing to research. I will be sharing some of their insights on the CCReW blog in due course. What struck me about both of these chats was the enormous good will, time and effort necessary, and how tiring that can become.

We desperately need to encourage more patients and their families to consider contributing to research. This will both help spread the burden and reduce burnout, but also ensure many diverse voices and experiences are taken into account. How do we make it easier? How do we appropriately support people? How do we avoid burnout? How do we get diverse voices? I don't have all the answers, but I hope CCReW can be part of helping find the solutions.

To that end, over the next 2-3 weeks, I'll be reaching out to talk to as many former trial participants, carers of trial participants and consumer partners in research as possible, either individually or in small groups, to help shape/validate a new free product for consumers that AccessCR is looking to develop. There will be some compensation for the time involved. If you are interested in being part of the conversations, please register your interest and availability online as soon as possible. I would also value if you could share this opportunity with others in your networks that may have participated in a clinical trial or are an active consumer partner/contributor in research.

And until we meet again, check out the trials and consumer involvement opportunities below, and I wish for the world to be kind to you.

                                                        Janelle, AccessCR and the CCReW initiative

This is a list of all studies on the ANZCTR approved by a human research ethics committee, recruiting in Australia, with a trial start date between 28Feb-14Mar23 not previously listed here, as at 14Mar23.

Please contact researchers directly through the listings as we have no connection/involvement with these studies. If you do contact a researcher or join one of these trials please drop us a note so I know whether providing this listing is useful and helping people find trials.

If you are a researcher that wants to tell people about your recruiting trial, please contact us (first listing free, subsequent listings for a fee).

The inclusion of women in clinical trials remains lower than it should be, meaning we often don't have good data on how different treatments might work in women. Thankfully, there are increasing efforts to address this disparity, as well as in increase the inclusion of other underrepresented groups in clinical trials.

Given it was International Women's Day last week, we thought we'd share the story of Heather, a woman participating in an MS clinical trial, published on

If you are a trial participant, consumer involved in research or a carer/family supporter of either, or are a researcher involving consumers in their work, and you'd like to share your story on the CCReW blog, please get in touch. And, feel free to catch up with stories already shared on our blog or Facebook Page.

The following are some upcoming opportunities and events spotted that may be of interest:

If you'd like to proactively advertise a consumer research involvement opportunity or event, or would like to engage our help or advice on an activity, then please contact AccessCR.

Here's a few resources you might be interested in:

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